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Top Stories by Alex Iskold

Pattern: Concurrent Document Loader Problem: Need to load multiple documents and can't proceed until all of them are loaded Example: Load configuration files for an AJAX application Introduction AJAX stands for Asynchronous JavaScript processing with XML. It is the asynchronous part that gets everyone excited. Fetching the data without reloading the page allows AJAX applications to mimic the desktop-like behavior. Since AJAX applications are getting quite complex these days, they tend use XML files to store the initial configuration settings and bootstrap information. When the application starts, it needs to load the configuration files in order to setup the application screens.   Loading each configuration time sequentially would take a long time. Clearly, we would like to leverage the power of AJAX and load the files concurrently. To do that we need to create a separa... (more)

The Web 2.0 Bookshelf

The Web 2.0 bookshelf We are expecting another baby, so I was just moving my office from the second floor to our newly finished basement. I am not complaining since the basement turned out to be quite awesome. Its big, bright. clean and, most importantly, conducive to some major code cranking. Moving the office means that I have to move my books, and I just love doing that. These rare occasions gives me a chance to remind myself how I got where I am now. The books bring memories, but more importantly the books shape us no less than circumstances, family and friends. Finding a good ... (more)

i-Technology Viewpoint: How Amazon S3 is Going to Change the World

Web 2.0 Journal Contributing Editor Alex Iskold (pictured) writes:  We are observing the transformation of the web from an ecosystem into an operating system. Building blocks such as websites, blogs, web services, podcasts and RSS are coming together and give rise to a new computing platform. The web operating system is emerging and it is bigger than the sum of its parts.  Remember your operating systems class, when you learned that every operating system has a handful of fundamental concepts such as storage, virtual memory and scheduling? The new web is no exception. However, si... (more)

User Interface 2.0

One of the things that attracts us all to web 2.0 is that it is slick. Stuff pops up, floats, appears and disappears showcasing us the power of effects possible with today's JavaScript. We sit there in awe, thinking, wow, that was cool! Cool is what compels us to give it a try. Cool is marketing. But cool is not the substance. Clearly, in order for us to adapt a new application it needs to demonstrate the utility beyond cool. It needs to be useful and usable, preferably daily. So what are then the properties and qualities that useful web applications share? This is by no means an... (more)

AJAX Patterns: Introducing JavaScriptBeans – Bringing JavaBeans to JavaScript

Six month ago, Alex Iskold (pictured) switched from J2EE Grid Computing to Web 2.0, JavaScript and Firefox extension development. He has been writing in Web 2.0 Journal about his experiences - see "From J2EE to JavaScript". Through this transition, I am continuing to have a feeling of deja vu. I write code thinking – 'Hey I've seen this before or I've done this before'. In software engineering deja vu is called 'design pattern.' If there is a good way to do something, we discover it, add it to the patterns catalog and apply it again and again. I remember being very impressed... (more)