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Web 2.0 Journal Contributing Editor Alex Iskold (pictured) writes:  We are observing the transformation of the web from an ecosystem into an operating system. Building blocks such as websites, blogs, web services, podcasts and RSS are coming together and give rise to a new computing platform. The web operating system is emerging and it is bigger than the sum of its parts.  Remember your operating systems class, when you learned that every operating system has a handful of fundamental concepts such as storage, virtual memory and scheduling? The new web is no exception. However, since the Internet is a gigantic network of computers working in parallel, the basic operating system concepts take on a different shape.  For example, when you try to save a file on your computer, there is a (rare) possibility that the disk is full, and the write will fail. But with the new w... (more)

Amazon - The Real Web Services Company

I am biased writing this article because my company is a big user of Amazon Web Services. But please read on and see why I am so excited about what the largest online retailer is doing these days. Not only Amazon is the real Web Services company now, it is becoming an icon for the 21st century software tools company. Not Microsoft, not IBM not even Google, but Amazon has been quietly, and recently not so quietly, building the blocks of the next generation software platform. At the core of the Amazon strategy are the Web Services. The Amazon team takes the concepts of search, st... (more)

Alex Iskold's "AJAX Patterns" Series: Concurrent Document Loader Pattern

Pattern: Concurrent Document Loader Problem: Need to load multiple documents and can't proceed until all of them are loaded Example: Load configuration files for an AJAX application Introduction AJAX stands for Asynchronous JavaScript processing with XML. It is the asynchronous part that gets everyone excited. Fetching the data without reloading the page allows AJAX applications to mimic the desktop-like behavior. Since AJAX applications are getting quite complex these days, they tend use XML files to store the initial configuration settings and bootstrap information. When the appl... (more)

Web 2.0 Journal Feature: Google Plays API Catch-Up with Amazon

Just a few days ago I wrote an article about Amazon Web Services stack, in which I praised Amazon's vision and ability to deliver elegant, generic web services platform of the future. In the end of the article I mentioned that it will be difficult for Google and Microsoft to catch up. I could still be right, but tonight Google made it clear that they are going to be in this race.  The Google Base API is like Amazon S3 on steroids. In addition to pure storage capability, this API comes with concept of RSS-based structured data types, ability to automatically index and search the d... (more)

Alex Iskold's "AJAX Patterns" Series: From Java to JavaScript

In the beginning of 2006, Alex Iskold - after spending the last 10 years of his career programming in Java - took off his Java hat and started a Web 2.0 company called adaptiveblue. In this Web 2.0 Journal exclusive, he shares his insights on transitioning from Java into the Web 2.0 development world. I spent the last 10 years of my career programming in Java. When I first discovered it in 1996, I was instantly enlightened. My life in the C++ box of ambiguities and strange side effects came to an end, and boy, was I relieved! Since then, I lived, breathed and thought exclusively in... (more)